Contributing to Lithops#

Reporting bugs and asking questions#

You can post questions or issues or feedback through the following channels:

  1. Github Discussions: For discussions about development, questions about usage, and feature requests.

  2. GitHub Issues: For bug reports and feature requests.

To contribute a patch#

  1. Break your work into small, single-purpose patches if possible. It’s much harder to merge in a large change with a lot of disjoint features.

  2. Submit the patch as a GitHub pull request against the master branch.

  3. Make sure that your code passes the unit tests.

  4. Make sure that your code passes the linter.

  5. Add new unit tests for your code.

Unit testing#

To test that all is working as expected, run either:

$ lithops test
$ python3 -m lithops.tests.tests_main

Please follow the guidelines in Testing Guidelines for more details.