Multicloud support

Lithops supports multiple compute and storage backends from a variety of providers


About Lithops

Easy to use

Run up to 1000s of user defined serverless functions in parallel with zero management efforts.

Easy to learn

Lithops docs are available. Get started, set up multiple platform backends and run various examples.


Run your code seamlessly across the most popular serverless platforms without changing a single line of code. Lithops makes provider management transparent to the user.

Error friendly

With Lithops you can retrace an error just as if it occurred in a local environment. Lithops also provides facilities for event sourcing.

Dynamic scaling

Lithops enables your application to exploit 1000s of cores on demand as well as any amount when needed, since scaling is totally dynamic and only limited by the designed program concurrency.


Code examples


Serverless Benchmark

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Geospatial Analytics

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Hyperparameter Tuning

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Monte Carlo Simulations

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